Take total weight (in kgs) x 0.45 = Total kg. Total kg x 0.8 (light exercise) or 1.2 (heavy exercise) = The amount of protein your body needs per day.


Light Exercise

140 kg x 0.45 = 63 kg

63 kg x 0.8 = 50.4 grams.

Heavy Exercise

140 kg x 0.45 = 63 kg
63 kg x 1.2 = 75.60 grams.

Best to eat every 3 hours, keep metabolism fired up and not store fat.

Thank you for my Tuesday special warm massage and haircut. It was so relaxing and I felt so pampered !here.

I got a massage from Jolie today and she does a wonderful job. It was very relaxing and I was quite impressed with her knowledge of the muscles, ligaments and tendons. She really emphasized "wellness" and my massage certainly helped with that. Thank you, Jolie!


for every dollar you donate to my competition, I will apply it towards my 


​​Jolie is my workout coach like no other
She warned me that she would whoop my behind... well she DID!

My objective is to gain endurance and strength.

We did assorted varieties of lunges and squats; she knows how to mix it up!
With her continued instruction, perhaps i'll even put some pump in my rump.

I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to stay well with fitness.

Ok, believe it or not I have never had a real massage , my one experience was a "Swedish" massage that was like nothing except some rocks and the masseuse kept burping, it was awful. So I met Jolie and went and had a massage today.... Wow , who knew you could have an earlobe massage? She took her time, ( I think I snored ) the oils she used were fabulous ,and water fountain was calming , very good massage ..... And get this! I got fed and she didn't burp once.

​​Just wanted to give a shout out to Jolie! Before taking her U-Jam class I had never learned to dance at all, let alone attend a dance class. Ever since she invited me to join her class (one day as I was about to run on the treadmill instead), I have been going every week ever since. I enjoy going to her easy to follow, upbeat and entertaining classes every week to work on my dance skills and have fun. She's awesome! smile emoticon


This is my daily mantra;

You should follow your heart, not a format. Do whatever you do, for yourself. If you love to dance, stop waiting for someone to validate you, stop looking for a title. Don't get upset if things dont go the way you plan, move on, because you love what you do. I love being there for my students and U-JAM or Zumba or whatever format is a great chance to get people moving and to help them change their lives. Is this the only way? NEVER! There is no panacea. There is room for everyone and everything.

Jolie is a very friendly and personable instructor. She always has a great smile and happy disposition throughout her classes. Jolie knows how to make a workout work for every individual regardless of their limitations. Her senior fitness class is not just for seniors but for anyone wanting to take a class that works the whole body, educate yourself to a healthy lifestyle and just a whole lot of fun!

Jolie has been my massage therapist for years when I am in California or when she travels to Maui where I now reside most of the year.She is willing to modify and customize her massage routine to include muscle groups I fatigue with weight lifting. 

And to include the balls of my feet and toes which suffer neuralgia from 500 hours of life saving chemotherapy. I find if I get her massage within 2 hours after lifting I do not get sore. Massage after lifting weights to exhaustion is heavenly.

I nearly died in 2009 from Lymphoma. 
I told the City of Hope Doctors I believe that the bone marrow transplant and Jolie's regular 90 minute massage has enabled, and empowered my new immune system, to kill any recurrent cancer cells so far for the last 6 years, along with daily sitting meditation and daily 60 minutes of exercise. 
I thank and tip Jolie as my "Dr of Massage", and for helping me live well another day.

Jolie is an enthusiastic person and teacher that lives for fitness. Her energy is infectious, she will have you laughing and dancing your cares away. She really cares about health, metabolism, energy and her followers know that!!!


!! $60 for any service !!

(service for massage is $80, save $20)

Or apply it towards a private class, hair

service, or personal training.

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I an help you achieve your fitness goals, meet your wellness needs, and be the best version of yourself! Leave the old habits behind and say aloha to the healthy habits! I'm your complete one stop wellness coach!

Are you ready to Eat Clean to get Lean while having fun doing it? Put some pump in your rump!

I'm a Certified Personal fitness trainer with years of experience.

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Jolie is an amazing fitness and wellness instructor. Her energy and musicality are top notch!!! She is also great with personal training and wellness coaching. Say "Aloha" to a healthier lifestyle when you work with Jolie.


This woman is so professional and yet brings elements of positive energy and fun to her teaching. She knows how to engage each student. She moves amazing and for one hour we all try to keep pace with her. No matter how difficult your day was at work for 1 hr. You connect with Jolie and all your problems go away.


When blood sugar is stable (levels kept between 80 and 120 mg / dl throughout the day), your body is in balance and naturally releases what it doesn’t need like stored body fat, toxins and excess sodium. Stable blood sugar will also protect and increase your lean muscle mass to ignite your metabolism, eliminate carbohydrate and sugar cravings, boost your energy and help you to break through stubborn plateaus

What happens when blood sugar is NOT stable? Notice in the chart that whenever you eat too many calories or too many carbohydrates in a meal, your blood sugar spikes (above 120 mg / dl) and your body stores fat.

Just the opposite happens whenever you skip a meal, restrict calories or carbohydrates or exercise on an empty stomach; blood sugar levels drop too low (below 80 mg / dl) and your body is forced to burn lean muscle mass in place of body fat. This loss of lean muscle mass slows your metabolism and makes it nearly impossible to reach your goals permanently.

The truth is, though many people eat “healthy”, they fail to eat “correctly” and inadvertently spike and crash their blood sugar levels all day long. Stabilizing your blood sugar levels with the right nutrition is the only way to achieve your goals permanently.

Blood Sugar Stabilization vs. Calorie & Carbohydrate Restriction

WHY RESTRICTION ALWAYS FAILS. While restricting calories (calories in vs. calories out) or carbohydrates will initially cause weight loss, both methods will unfortunately lead to an immovable plateau once your body reaches its set point (the weight your body wants to weigh and gets stuck at).

Even worse, calories or carbohydrate restriction causes low blood sugar, leading to low energy,cravings and a loss of lean muscle mass. Because fat is burned primarily within muscle and muscle increases the rate at which your body burns calories, losing muscle will only slow your metabolism.

Once you re-introduce the calories and/or carbohydrates you restricted (you can’t starve forever!), you regain the weight back plus excess body fat due to the loss of lean muscle mass and slower metabolism. This makes it even more challenging to lose weight the next time around and leads to the yo-yo dieting syndrome (see chart to the right). The truth is,calorie and carbohydrate restriction trains your metabolism to slow down, not speed up!

WHY BLOOD SUGAR STABILIZATION IS THE SOLUTION. Stabilizing blood sugar has the opposite effect on your body. When blood sugar is stable, you will continually release stored body fat, which is then burned up primarily within your muscle tissue during your R.I.P.P.E.D. workout and even during daily activity. Stable blood sugar also creates an anabolic environment (a positive growth state) to optimize cell reproduction, muscle growth, energy, focus, sleep and stress management.

​​Jolie is my workout coach like no other
She warned me that she would whoop my behind... well she DID!

I checked in with Jolie for an hour massage, and it was a wonderful experience; with the right ambiance and aromatherapy, it was soothing from the start.

Jolie had a wonderful touch, and knew just how much pressure to apply and where.
I would totally recommend her massage services!

I have had dozens of massage therapists work on me and Jolie is the best "hands down and thumbs up"!!! Intuitive and attentive while always making sure the pressure was just right. Give yourself this wonderful restorative treat soon.


You are so awesome Jolie, we all loved it and yes, very lucky to have our Chad!!! I'll talk to the girls and maybe we can set up a monthly massage session, I know Chris wants to dance😊That would have to require alcoholic beverages!!! We will def keep in touch, thanks again for doin such an amazing job!!!

You are so awesome Jolie, we all loved it and yes, very lucky to have our Chad!!! I'll talk to the girls and maybe we can set up a monthly massage session, I know Chris wants to dance😊That would have to require alcoholic beverages!!!

We will def keep in touch, thanks again for doin such an amazing job!!